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We are consultants that really care about your business and we take the results of our work seriously. Your online presence matters because it generates new business and injects new blood into your company. Our team knows that what we do is more than just the number, it’s about producing real results that fuel businesses that employ people. Yes it matters and we take it to heart, but let’s step back for a second…

Our Background

The challenge that faces most business owners and marketers is that they are trying to find the right digital strategy and online marketing agency in a completely unregulated industry. Most business owners and marketers find it incredibly difficult to find the right strategy, the right partner, and maintain the right partnerships. That’s where we come in. The harsh reality is that most business owners and marketers do not know the right questions to ask their online marketing agency, nor do they have the level of insight required to make educated decisions about what they should be doing online, the right partners, the right budget, and the right expectations. We are a team of senior digital marketing gurus, who've consulted a diverse variety of 750+ businesses, to winning strategies in their online space. Solving this problem is why we exist. We can put together the right strategy, pick the right vendors, manage those vendors, and make sure you’re making the appropriate level of investment so you’re not overpaying or leaving ROI on the table. At Consultus Digital?we do not take kickbacks from the vendors in the form of a referral fee or an on-going commission.

Our Fees More Than Cover Themselves

We save you the frustration of engaging in the wrong strategy, for the wrong reasons. We’ll put together the right strategies based on what is best for your business opposed to trying to fit what you need within the wheelhouse of a particular vendor. We save you the cost and opportunity cost of hiring the wrong digital?fulfillment vendors, by selecting the right vendors. We command better performance from those online marketing agencies because they will service more than one of our accounts and doing a good job means more business whereas a poor job means the potential loss of a volume of accounts. We negotiate better contracts so you pay based on the work actually being done.
Online Marketing Agency Toronto

How Does Your Online Marketing Agency Measure Up?

We answer some of the most common, but toughest questions with a long history of expertise:
  • How much should a website cost? How many pages should it be? How long should it take?
  • How much should you be paying for SEO? $99 per month? $399 per month? $999 per month? What are the cost/benefits of the different types of programs.
  • Is my SEO service propping up my Google local business listing?
  • What's an appropriate paid search budget and management fee?
  • Is it worth paying for paid search management once the cost per lead stop declining past a certain level?
  • How many conversions should be expected in the short term or long term?
  • What’s an acceptable bounce rate?
  • What’s an acceptable conversion rate?
  • What is the competition doing online that I’m not?
  • How do I know the vendor is actually doing work for the invoice I’m paying?
  • What strategies are working? What strategies need to change? What is there new to be taken advantage of?
  • To what extent should social media be an investment? What can I expect from it?
  • And more...
We want to hear from you and your experience with digital marketing? - let's talk about how we can help grow your business. Check out our Better Business Bureau profile.  

Read what clients have to say about Toronto's best digital marketing agency

"After interviewing many digital marketing firms, Mike Landry of Consultus digital won our insurance brokerage over. Not only was he the most prepared, he also took time before the meeting to understand our business. In less than 1 year, our company ranks #1 on google for many insurance keywords in Toronto. It's obvious that the entire Consultus team always has our sales growth in mind and I would recommend this firm to any company looking to grow."

Reviewer: Arian Ebrahimi

Five Star Rating

5 out of 5 stars

"The Influence Agency has an Amazing staff , extremely professional, we have been with them for approximately two years now. Always quick to respond to emails with any questions we may have.Thanks for all you do for to help with with growth of our clinic. Special shout out to Michael who is always helping me with my computer issues :). Highly recommend !"

Reviewer: Liz Dezan

Five Star Rating

5 out of 5 stars

"Friendly and honest advice about everything digital marketing. As someone new to the space, the vibe is warm, inviting and not intimidating. No question is too basic: would recommend them in a heart beat! Keep up the great work."

Reviewer: Christopher Balkaran

Five Star Rating

5 out of 5 stars

Read what clients have to say about Toronto's best digital marketing agency

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